Thursday, December 11, 2014

Compliance Adminstration Services

Statutory compliance administration is very crucial today, because the tax and finance world is changing at a rapid pace. Government is continually changing the laws and creating new rules very frequently. Hence, staying updated on constantly changing tax laws and regulations, meeting strict government deadlines, and avoiding costly fines and penalties can be an administrative burden for a company of any size. 
Statutory Compliance Management by Mynd Solutions

Mynd has a strong partner network to ensure that global statutory compliance services are provided in line with the local rules and regulations. 
We specialize in statutory compliance management and help our clients in complying with the local laws and procedures and maintain regular compliance to prevent any non-compliance issues thereby streamlining business processes that adds up tangible and intangible financial benefits for our clients. Mynd provided a single point of contact for India compliances and also for global compliances.

To ensure that the local requirements are fully compliant, Mynd provides the following:

Mynd Prepares and submits monthly/quarterly/yearly payroll related documents to various government authorities under the required name as per local laws. Wherever applicable, Mynd handles monthly / quarterly / yearly tax computations and prepares relevant statutory reports. Wherever it's applicable, an ESS (Employee Self Service) panel is provided for employee’s tax declaration purpose. Mynd Prepares and communicates year end submission guidelines document after confirmation with Client.

Mynd’s retirement benefits platform provides a one stop solution to our clients, whether they are with the Government run RPFC or they have their own trust. The entire process runs on a PF platform which brings transparency and accountability to the entire process. Mynd helps companies address the need to mitigate pension expense volatility and enhance investment performance by utilizing sophisticated asset allocation, hedging, risk management strategies and every other compliance management aspects. We utilize a strategic approach to help clients manage all aspects of their employee’s retrials benefits.

The spectrum of Compliance Management Services we offer includes:

  • Provision of tangible and in-tangible benefits by setting up an in-house Fund to Client’s organization and its employees
  • Drafting of trust deed and rules including all legal activities in this regard
  • Handling complex activities related to obtaining approvals from Income Tax Department, Provident Fund Office and any other department
  • Day to day administration services for Fund including accounting, legal and transaction
  • Processing Services with latest automation techniques
  • Transparent and IT enabled Help Desk Services for Members

Monday, December 8, 2014

Trends in Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services

A Brief Introduction to Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services
The current era of commercialization and globalization are witnessing the adoption of outsourcing as an integral fragment of the core business strategies. With numerous companies getting on the outsource mode, the market is exhibiting a lot of growth in this sector.

Latest market studies point out that a huge chunk of existing outsourcing industry clients plan on growing their investment pooled into outsourcing. Lately, process outsourcing for finance & accounting is steadily growing and majority of the firms are undertaking the same.

Accounting Outsourcing is basically subcontracting some/all accounting operations and processes to an external vendor. The outsourced functions include Purchase to Pay, Fixed Asset Management, Order to Cash, Employee Reimbursements, GL Accounting etc.

Current F & A Outsourcing trends
  • Management of Transactional services is the largest opportunity in the F&A BPO space, whereas payables are amongst the highest outsourced function in F&A.
  • Earlier companies used to only outsource certain parts of their accounting processes such as AP/AR and some reconciliation processes. In the current scenario however, companies are sub-contracting the full gamut of activities involved in their financial processes. A probable reason for the same is that companies have understood the significance of being at the centre of strategic activities rather than transactional.
  • Service providers are in the process of improving skills and polishing capabilities in process execution and their clients are accordingly trying to achieve the best from that.
  • Stringent federal regulations in the European &US markets are driving corporates to adopt outsourcing in order to save their time, efforts and cost.
  • SMB’s offer a plethora of business opportunities for Financial Outsourcing domain.
  • Some recent market statistics have also revealed that companies these days are primarily adopting finance and Accounting Outsourcing  to save their expenditure, as well as to migrate the F&A function from being a cost exhaustive support function to a dynamic core business function.