Monday, December 30, 2013

Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud SMAC- The future of IT Technologies!

SMAC, the latest “Fifth Wave” ofIT infrastructure subsequent to the Internet PC wave is riding fast and emergingas the “In” thing when it comes to technology for business transformation andgrowth. This new concept is rapidly changing the conventional concepts of “ValueChain model” to migrate to innovative virtual Business Models.Withthe day-to-day increasing power of the social media and mobile phones, modernbusiness are being compelled to include the new technologies as a part of theirCRM and marketing strategies. Different social media platforms such asFacebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram and YouTube etc. are now the newest“Customer Hangouts!” thus forcing advertisers and marketers to exploit theopportunity to the fullest!The matrices of brand loyaltythese days are shifting from value propositions to information bombardment inthe Internet age. This phenomenon is leading businesses to include analytics intheir marketing strategy as offering a statistical analysis of comparison, performanceand cost with competition can drive better consumer decisions. High and globalavailability of information and it’s compatibility with various devices becamecost effective with cloud technology. The integration of the fourelements – Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud for business outcomes enhancementis allowing businesses to improve brand value, leverage and expand customerbase with the final output being revenue growth. Social networking can enableany business in any industry to fruitfully engage its customers for gettingcritical insights such as likes and dislikes and spending habits, etc. Theabove factors together are helping businesses design and deliver customizedsolutions to clients, with the “One-size fits all” approach slowly becomingobsolete!.The Cloud technology isoffering the Perfect platform for deploying these customized solutions at aglobal scale yet at a low cost. Many industries including Banking, Insuranceand Healthcare have adopted the SMAC set of emergent technologies for engagingin the best possible manner with their customers as part of their holisticCustomer Satisfaction Strategy. Social association is changingthe inter-relationships between businesses and people. Mobile devices areleading to information exchange from various sources such as Mobile applications,which are enabling businesses reach and interact with customers at a personallevel as well as gain information. SMAC with their global reach, easy and abundant availability and low overheads are facilitating companies to becomehigh profit businesses. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IBM Smarter Enterprise Show Featuring Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd (2 November 2013)

Hello everyone, We hope you all had great fun on the beautiful festival of Deepawali.. 

We are sharing the weblink of the IBM Smarter Enterprise Show of 2 November 2013, that featured Mynd Solutions and Mr. Mukul Jain, our director. Enjoy watching!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mynd Solutions Features on IBM Smarter Enterprise on NDTV Profit

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you all that our respected director, Mr. Mukul Jain, has represented Mynd Solutions on the new show of “NDTV Profit” Channel called “IBM Smarter Enterprise”

The episode featuring Mr. Jain would air on 2nd November 2013 at 8:30 pm, with a repeat telecast on 3rd November 2013 at 1:30 pm on NDTV Profit Channel.

You would be pleased to know that this show will also feature the facility coverage of Mynd’s Corporate Office (280, Udyog Vihar-IV Gurgaon) taken on 24th October 2013.

Please tune into the program as per the timings mentioned above, and enjoy watching Mynd engage in an interesting panel discussion with a competing company on the topic 

                                  “Social Media Platforms in Modern Businesses”

The show footage would also be later uploaded on the website and shared on the various social profiles of Mynd Solutions that you may connect through the below mentioned links:

The IBM Smarter Enterprise is a show aimed at showcasing the New Technology/Innovation Initiatives of prominent SME companies that are driving the Technology Revolution, specially emergent technologies such as SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud).

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Myndynamite Contest!!!

Mynd Solutions, as part of its constant endeavors to develop and improve the Talent Pool of the company i.e. its employees launches "MYNDYNAMITE CHALLENGE" 


“No one has reached the pinnacle of excellence by following a set of technique or copying others. All of us add our own special quality to the established pattern or technique and succeed.”
With this motive, we wish to recognize the special qualities & potential of each participant and proudly present…

Myndynamite Challenge”

Let’s Get Our Mynd’s Ticking!!! …to be recognized as “Mynd 1

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Migration to the "Cloud Model"!

Mynd has adopted the cloud technology for all hosted applications and completely migrated to enterprise cloud model with a disaster recovery site in place. This becomes a success story at industry levels of all verticals. The Mynd applications that customers are accessing today for their day-to-day process are now placed in cloud.

Cloud computing is simply a new way of looking at and talking about virtual setup. More precisely, instead of having a software application running in a server room, the application runs in a datacenter. And, this datacenter doesn't need to be within or near the office premises. In fact, you may not even know where the datacenter is!

Cloud computing is actually just a new name for an old idea. In fact, since the last few years we are using cloud. E.g. our personal e-mails (Yahoo, Google etc..), our online access to Bank Accounts …Then what’s the difference? The difference is in terms of offered services & the technology used in the cloud. All cloud infrastructure runs in virtualization and majorly, three different services are offered by any leading cloud service provider.

  • Ø  IaaS           :           Infrastructure as a Service
  • Ø  SaaS          :           Software as a Service
  • Ø  PaaS          :           Platform as a Service.

  • ·      Limitless Scalability: With the expansion of Business, add-on infrastructure resources are always on high demand. Resources can increase in on-a-fly.
  • ·        Physical & Virtual Security: Data centers are quite robust as compared to your local server room.
  • ·        High Density Power: No need to worry for prolonged power-cuts, run out of diesel for your generator.
  • ·     Broad Connectivity Choice: Multiple internet service providers with unlimited bandwidth.
  • ·         Low Cloud cost: Pay as per use concept and optimal cost as compared to your high operational cost.

Challenges for adopting new technologies

  • ·      Seamless migration of customer application & database within SLA i.e. “No application down time” objective. You can't afford a downtime beyond SLA, as signed & agreed with the customer.
  • ·         Configuration Dependencies: As the new setup is with different architecture. The new setup is under virtualization with redundancy at all levels and hence the application configurations as well as offered SaaS services were typically a challenged one.
  • ·         No Data Loss during migration. This involves the migration of huge customer data from old setup to new setup and goes live within the SLA without any data loss for almost 150+ odd customers.

How is Mynd Placed today?

·     The entire infrastructure is in Enterprise Public Cloud with SIFY, a TIER III standard data center with IaaS, SaaS & PaaS services with primary data center located at Mumbai and disaster recovery data center located at Bangalore; which are in two different seismic zones.
  •         Redundancy (Fail over) at each level i.e. Application, Router, Firewall, SAN & ISP.
  • ·         A world class service with uptime SLA of 99.95%.
  • ·         3A Service i.e. Access from Anywhere at Anytime.
  • ·         Disaster site i.e. data is safe with RPO & RTO of 30 mins & 2 Hr. respectively.
  • ·         BCP plan with the start of operation in less than one day.
  • ·       Hosted service with low cost (including DR). Almost 30% saving on monthly recurring cost. 
  •         No congestion, no bandwidth issue i.e. hassle free access even with heavy load (month end)
  • ·         Compliance service as per ISO 27001 & SSAE 16.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mynd's Awards & Accolades....

Mynd’s products and processes have been greatly appreciated by its clients and competitors. For the value it has added to businesses over the years, Mynd has received several awards. These accolades recognize its superior potential and contribution to the industry and are summarized below:

  • Ø  2013: Star SME Services (Small) Category
  • ü  Mynd Solutions bagged the award for the star SME- service 2012 at the fourth edition of the business today-yes bank SME awards on April 10, 2013, at the ITC MAURYA, New Delhi. these awards felicitate the best small and medium enterprises in India. Mynd has been awarded for outstanding service delivery in its core area of business process outsourcing in finance and hr. Mynd was selected as a star service provider from a whooping 4,100,00 SME applicants participating in the business today-yes bank best SME survey and awards, conducted by yes bank between October 2012- January 2013. The rigorous selection procedure for this award involved the participants providing audited annual reports, among several other financial parameters for the assessment of performance, liquidity and growth etc. the selection process for the SME awards also involved site visits and background checks.

  • Ø  2013: Mynd Solutions awarded by Indus Towers for supporting services for its Gujarat circle.
  • Ø  2012: Mynd Solutions nominated by ET Now and Indiamart for Leaders of Tomorrow Awards.
  • Ø  2011: Mynd Solutions awarded the “Best Professional Service Business of the Year 2011” by Franchise India and Zee Business.
  • Ø  2011: Mynd Solutions received the “Best Service Provider Award” from Indus Towers Ltd for all India services in 2011.
  • Ø  2010: Mynd Solutions received QCI – D.L. Shah National Awards on Economics of Quality, Certificate of appreciation for large scale units, for the case study “Improve Project Profitability.”

  • Ø  2009: NASSCOM Emerge Leader for Growth 2009-2010:
  • ü   Mynd Solutions Awarded As The Top Emerging Company Under The Category “Emerge Growth” For The Year 2009-2010 By NASSCOM.

  • Ø  Accreditations
  • BSI Certificate of Registration:

  •     Mynd Solutions received the ISO 27001:2005 certification from BSI in 2010. This certification is an exclusive auditable global standard defining the precise requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The standard facilitates companies in protecting information assets through adequate security controls as well as improving their respective ISMS.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

                                            Business Process Management (BPM)

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal.

The goal of BPM is to reduce human error and miscommunication and concerned with maintaining and optimizing an organization's equipment and core operations.

BPM is often a point of connection within a company between the line-of-business (LOB) and the IT department. Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) were both created to facilitate communication between IT and the LOB. Both languages are easy to read and learn, so that business people can quickly learn to use them and design processes. Both BPEL and BPMN adhere to the basic rules of programming, so that processes designed in either language are easy for developers to translate into hard code.

There are three different kinds of BPM frameworks available in the market today. 
  • Horizontal frameworks deal with design and development of business processes and are generally focused on technology and reuse. 
  • Vertical BPM frameworks focus on a specific set of coordinated tasks and have pre-built templates that can be readily configured and deployed. 
  • Full-service BPM suites have five basic components:
  • Process discovery and project scoping
  • Process modeling and design
  • Business rules engine
  • Workflow engine
  • Simulation and testing

While on-premise business process management (BPM) has been the norm for most enterprises, advances in cloud computing have led to increased interest in on-demand, software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mynd's Platform Business Process Management Approach...

Friday, July 26, 2013

                          Team Party!!!

The Fixed Assets Management team of Mynd Solutions (Guragon Office) thoroughly enjoyed themselves at an informal get together with their collagues cum friends some time back...

Beginning the evening with lip-smacking snacks and refreshments, the team absolutely enjoyed a very exhaustive and energetic game of bowling at Blue-O Bowling Alley in Ambience Mall. Gyanendra dazzled the evening in the very first game whereas Shashank emerged as the ultimate winner and beat everyone in the second game. The team was also supported in this adventurous outing by their senior Mr. Kaushik Mitra and graced the occasion with his august presence giving some encouraging words to his juniors.

The beautiful and fun-filled evening ended on a pleasant note after a concluding sumptuous and delicious dinner party at Nawabganj Safari restaurant. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hi Friends, Watch our director Mr. Sundeep Mohindru talk about the victory of Mynd Solutions at the recent STAR SME Awards organized by BUSINESS TODAY-YES BANK on 10th April, 2013 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why to Outsource Your Organization’s Finance Department…

The most common reasons of companies opting for accounts outsourcing are reduction of operating costs, enhancing flexibility and improving company focus for addressing business requirements. Outsourcing allows companies to attend to core business to better their profitability and improve time management. Irrespective of the company size or strength, outsourcing enables companies’ top management to abandon the non-core, time-consuming tasks and focus their synergies on critical strategic decision making activities.

In a highly competitive global environment, finance and accounts is among the most important and critical departments of an organization. It ensures effective and essential compliance, checks balance expense vs. growth, reduces the cash cycle and maximizes the return on investment (ROI). Hence companies channelize their finance and accounts to achieve better growth rates and improved profitability. Finance and accounts outsourcing is a novel delivery model and is slowly becoming a preferred financial strategy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Many Benefits of Outsourcing

For modern companies, moving time-consuming daily tasks to a specialist helps reduce costs, optimize processes and basically improve efficiency and Turn Around Time (TAT). Using Mynd Business Process Management's (BPM) F&A and HRO services would ensure effective and requisite compliance, check balance expense vs. growth, reduce the cash cycle and thereby maximize return on investment (ROI). Mynd's SaaS based industry-specific, superior technology platforms on SMAC help companies in effectively meeting SLA's in a timely manner, thus enabling optimal resource utilization.
Why should you outsource?

For high-tech firms, moving their daily tasks to a specialist helps to reduce costs, optimize process and develop new trends. Today business process outsourcing is redefined and over the years it has been providing a way to cut costs. Using our F&A and HRO services would help you ensure effective and requisite compliance, check balance expense vs. growth, reduce the cash cycle and basically maximize return on investment (ROI). Mynd's SaaS based industry-specific, superior technology platforms on SMAC help companies in effectively meeting SLA's in a timely manner, thus optimizing resources to the most.

Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Know Us! We are "Mynd"

Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Know Us! We are "Mynd": Mynd Solutions is a key global Business Process Management (BPM) service provider, delivering exceptional services in the domain of busines...

Know Us! We are "Mynd"

Mynd Solutions is a key global Business Process Management (BPM) service provider, delivering exceptional services in the domain of business process and technology management. We provide a vast array of services in four major business verticals including Finance and Accounting (FAO), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Consulting. We drive the business growth of our esteemed clients through unique IT, process knowledge and research capabilities in combination with our extensive and varied industry experience.