Monday, December 30, 2013

Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud SMAC- The future of IT Technologies!

SMAC, the latest “Fifth Wave” ofIT infrastructure subsequent to the Internet PC wave is riding fast and emergingas the “In” thing when it comes to technology for business transformation andgrowth. This new concept is rapidly changing the conventional concepts of “ValueChain model” to migrate to innovative virtual Business Models.Withthe day-to-day increasing power of the social media and mobile phones, modernbusiness are being compelled to include the new technologies as a part of theirCRM and marketing strategies. Different social media platforms such asFacebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram and YouTube etc. are now the newest“Customer Hangouts!” thus forcing advertisers and marketers to exploit theopportunity to the fullest!The matrices of brand loyaltythese days are shifting from value propositions to information bombardment inthe Internet age. This phenomenon is leading businesses to include analytics intheir marketing strategy as offering a statistical analysis of comparison, performanceand cost with competition can drive better consumer decisions. High and globalavailability of information and it’s compatibility with various devices becamecost effective with cloud technology. The integration of the fourelements – Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud for business outcomes enhancementis allowing businesses to improve brand value, leverage and expand customerbase with the final output being revenue growth. Social networking can enableany business in any industry to fruitfully engage its customers for gettingcritical insights such as likes and dislikes and spending habits, etc. Theabove factors together are helping businesses design and deliver customizedsolutions to clients, with the “One-size fits all” approach slowly becomingobsolete!.The Cloud technology isoffering the Perfect platform for deploying these customized solutions at aglobal scale yet at a low cost. Many industries including Banking, Insuranceand Healthcare have adopted the SMAC set of emergent technologies for engagingin the best possible manner with their customers as part of their holisticCustomer Satisfaction Strategy. Social association is changingthe inter-relationships between businesses and people. Mobile devices areleading to information exchange from various sources such as Mobile applications,which are enabling businesses reach and interact with customers at a personallevel as well as gain information. SMAC with their global reach, easy and abundant availability and low overheads are facilitating companies to becomehigh profit businesses.