Thursday, January 28, 2016

Top Fixed Assets Management Services To Save Your Time

Capitalize and verify all your fixed assets with the best Fixed Assets Management services from Mynd Solutions. Whatever be the cost of your assets, we will do a complete valuation inclusive of all hidden costs. 
Fixed Assets Management 

We provide a host of fixed asset management services such as
1.     Physical Counting
Our on field team of experts ensure to physically count, verify, validate and reconcile each and every fixed asset.
2.     Managing FAR’s
With great expertise we manage our client’s fixed asset register and ensure complete transparency during the process.
3.     Capitalization
Proper capitalization of the fixed asset management is also carried out and during the process depreciation of the assets is also taken into account.
4.     Tagging of Fixed assets
Our team of experts tag and barcode each and every fixed asset with the use of RFID technology to ensure proper tracking of assets at a later stage.
Mynd Solutions provide offer the best fixed asset management services through its excellent team present across India for easy physical verification of fixed assets and are fully adept at handling industry specific assets and cases.
Mynd Solutions is a leading Fixed Assets Management company based out of India and caters to clients globally.  We support our clients with a host of services for both back end and on field activities for carrying out the validation and valuation process. With over thousands of satisfied happy clients.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Quick & Easy Solution with Business Process Outsourcing

With business process outsourcing services outsource the unprofitable processes or processes in which the company does not have a specialization for better optimization of other processes. Business process outsourcing not only takes of the load for certain processes, but also enables in reducing cost of operations of managing such processes.
Additionally, in the present scenario BPO management companies offer some of the best end to end services and provide faster and innovative solutions for all your queries pertaining to various processes such as finance, accounting, HR and payroll services.
Business process outsourcing services

Business process outsourcing services offer humungous benefits such as
1.     Cost Benefit
2.     Readily Available Infrastructure
3.     Dedicated Manpower
4.     Round the clock service
5.     Quick Turnaround Time
6.     Improve your Bottom Line
Business process outsourcing services offers a great no. of benefits for its users apart from the ones mentioned above. Business process outsourcing have a better turn around time as they work round the clock and have dedicated manpower to handle any type of contingencies arising.
Mynd Solutions is a leading BPO management companies, with expertise in domains such as Finance, Customer and HR. Over the years we have empowered our clients with integrating services and offered them benefits like better scalability, flexibility, with reduced costs. Over the years we have delivered impactful services which has led to great changes for the betterment of our clients.

5 Things To Check Before Hiring An Accounts Receivables Outsourcing Companies

Don’t let your account receivables management impact cash flows of your organization. Handle all your important financial issues with great ease with the best accounts receivables outsourcing services. Hire the right accounts receivables outsourcing companies for all your accounting needs.
By undertaking accounts receivables outsourcing services one can easily reduce costs up to 30% and increase profits as much as up to 20 to 25% when you hire the right accounts receivables outsourcing companies
How to understand which accounts receivables outsourcing companies is right for your business requirement of account receivables management?
1.     Infrastructure
The outsourcing company in question must have a proper infrastructure set up in terms if both skill manpower and systems to manage high workloads and to fulfill requirements as an when required.

2.     Cost Benefit
The outsourcing company must have a proper scale of operations to offer optimum cost benefit to their clients. 

3.     Follow Up Mechanism 
For accounts receivables the service provider must have proper follow up procedures in place. 

4.     Past Experience
Before shortlisting any service provider one must ensure that it has some past experience in the same industry. 

5.     Collection Systems
Skilled manpower with a thorough understanding of collection and laws related to it is a must.
Apart from these features there are a whole list of other features that an organization must look for while shortlisting a company for accounts receivables outsourcing services.
Mynd Solutions is a leading account receivables management which offers some of the best receivables management services with proper mechanism set up for reducing DSO, credit control policy, receivables forecasting, and recovery services etc.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Manage Your Talent Pool with Ease Human Resource Outsourcing Management Services

With great ease, now manage your human resources with the best HR outsourcing management services. However, most of us wonder whether to deploy a dedicated team to manage all the data of the human resources through a human resource information system or consider using human resource outsourcing management services.
In today’s time managing human resource information system is not limited to only recruitment and selection of the right candidates, but is a complete process of initiating a search for the right candidate for overall development of the candidate once on board. Thus, just a human resource information system might not be sufficient and you will require HR outsourcing management services for handling the entire process. 

Using human resource outsourcing management services saves a lot of time on the part of the organization and ensures that a lot of administrative costs are also saved as the HR outsourcing management services provider will have all the required resources already in place, to manage your existing and upcoming human resources strength.
Mynd Solutions is a leading HR outsourcing management services providing companies and are well equipped with the best human resource information system in place to manage all your human resource requirements. It has a dedicated team of experts in the human resource management and we boasts of enabling our clients to reduce costs up to 30% which in turn will enhance their productivity.