Monday, September 28, 2015

Avail the best Accounts Receivables Management Services

A well maintained account receivable management system is very much required by an organization in order to maintain its bottom line. Since, accounts receivables directly impact the cash flows in an organization which in turn affects the entire working capital of the company. Therefor, it becomes all the more imperative for an organization to put in place an accounts receivables management system or take up accounts receivables management services of an accounts receivables management companies. 

Account receivable management system enables an organization to schedule a collection policy from their debtors. An account receivable management system also enables an organization to analyze the cycle of payments and tendency of their customers while making payments.

Maintain an effective account receivable management with accounts receivables management services from Mynd Solutions. Mynd Solutions is a leading accounts receivables management companies in the arena of Accounts Receivables management services. 
accounts receivable management
With Mynd Solutions, accounts receivables management services your organization can easily chart an efficient credit policy. Being a responsible accounts receivables management companies, we ensure that we maintain the our client’s bottom line.

Mynd Solutions is a one of the prominent accounts receivables management companies and we undertake practices which maximize the returns for our customers. We are a leading accounts receivables management companies and provide comprehensive solutions to all our clients. Though comprehensive, these solutions as flexible as well based on their requirements. 

Some of the significant accounts receivables management services offered by Mynd Solutions an eminent accounts receivables management companies. We ensure that a control is exercised on the receivables outstanding through timely collection and thus, reducing the gaps. Secondly, as a part of our accounts receivables management services we ensure to provide quick resolution to each and every query sent by our customers.

Our accounts receivables management system is an automated system and can be easily configured. For further assistance as a part of our accounts receivables management services, we ensure that our customers can download customized reports related to accounts receivables through the MIS reporting system. 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Payroll Outsourcing Services V/s In-House Payroll Processing Management System

In order to maintain payroll management efficiently one has to give it a deep thought weather to buy a payroll processing management system in house or acquire payroll outsourcing services.
Benefits of using a payroll processing management system in-house are
¨       Better Control
Using a payroll processing management system in-house ensures that critical financial information is secured within the organization, thus, leading to better control over information flow in the organization.

¨       Process
With an in-house payroll processing management system, top management can control the process to be undertaken for payroll management. This is important because, it is management or the top managers who knows and understand who to pay over time and what amount is to be paid or if there is any leave adjustment is there which needs to be done.

¨       Reporting
Controlling the flow of information through reports is also an important aspect of the business and with in-house payroll management it can be easily managed. There are times when unwanted people are able to access organization’s sensitive information. Management always prefers to ensure that only authorized people can access the employees financial reports. Additionally, it prevents leaking of details of key officials in the organization.

¨       Flexibility
Having a payroll processing management system in-house has another benefit that is flexibility. When we have in-house payroll management, we can easily accommodate payroll of new employees during the month and also we can handle payroll for employees exiting the organization.
payroll management company

Benefits of acquiring payroll outsourcing services

¨       Accuracy
Payroll outsourcing services are highly accurate as outsourcing teams are normally a highly professional with years of experience in payroll management services. Moreover, if not managed accurately payroll management can lead to disruption in working culture and overall productivity.

¨       Cost Effective
Payroll outsourcing services are highly cost effective for various companies be it small, mid or big size companies. For small and mid size organizations maintaining a department specifically for payroll processing can be quite costly. Also, a large size organization means more no. of employees, thus maintaining a big team for payroll management.  

¨       Efficient
Payroll outsourcing services are more efficient and also helps in improving the efficiency of your business. Payroll outsourcing services also improve the productivity of a business as by acquiring them employees in the organizations can focus their time and energy on other important tasks.

¨       Compliance & On Time Payroll Processing
Payroll outsourcing services ensure that each and every compliance with respect to the tax law are met and that regulations are followed, so that their client does not have to face any penalty. Additionally, they ensure that payroll management is always on time.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Compliance News @ Mynd: EPFO Introduces new Form 19

We would like to inform  that  EPFO has introduced new Form 19 . With immediate effect, EPFO has stopped accepting withdrawal claims in old form 19. Very soon Form 19 will be available on the EPFO web site .

Attached is the new Form 19 for your reference and necessary action.

Note: The claims which are due for submission has to be filled in new form 19. Also as per the notification all withdrawal claims should be supported by either

·         FORM-NO-15H (for Senior citizen) or

·         FORM-NO-15G (for those below 58 years) and photocopy of Pan card of members