Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Best Payroll Processing Management System

A better, faster and highly efficient way to get your payroll management completed with the best Payroll processing management system. All one has to do is simply hire the Payroll outsourcing services from the best payroll service provider.

Be it a small, medium or large scale enterprise, payroll management can surely take a toll on whosoever calculates it. As we all are very well aware that setting a Payroll processing management system and then calculating it is not an easy task.

Choose Mynd Solutions as your dedicated partner for the best and committed Payroll outsourcing services as we have a team of experts who work day and night to ensure that our customers receive their Payroll management services completed on time every time.

With Mynd Solutions Payroll processing management system, our clients have achieved
¨       Standardization
Payroll Management Companies
Standardization is achieved in terms of processes and in terms of flow of information across the organization.
¨       Integration
Since Mynd Solution is based on SaaS platform and provides complete solutions on cloud it is easy for Mynd to integrate various ERP’s to provide the right solution.
¨       Transparency
With Mynd Solution’s Payroll processing management system improve the transparency across system as there is only single window platform to manage multi-country payrolls.
¨       Control
Better control, thus less mistakes in payroll processing
¨       Support
Enhanced support through multi-lingual and in-country local language support.

Mynd Solutions is a leading Payroll outsourcing services provider and offers fully complaint Payroll outsourcing services along with required technology platform to fulfill all your payroll processing needs. With presence and operations in 16 countries across continents, Mynd Solutions offer Payroll outsourcing services with timely and error free payroll processing.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Manage Your Finance and Accounting Management the Right Way

Transform the way you handle your finance and accounting management with the best finance and accounts outsourcing services of a leading service provider.  Managing finance and accounts for every organization is not an easy task until and unless the organization hires a specialized team of experts with the right infrastructure for undertaking and overseeing finance and accounting management. Therefore, it is always advisable to use finance and accounting services outsourcing.
Setting up the infrastructure for finance is a mammoth task in itself and involves a lot of cost commitment from the organization. Committing such cost to a division is a big decision and before investing one should give it a thought and compare the cost of hiring finance and accounts outsourcing services. Cost of finance and accounting services outsourcing is not just the cost of money, but also the cost of time involved and hiring the right talent pool. 

Finance and accounts management companies
Finance and Accounts Management 
Finance and accounting services outsourcing is always beneficial, be it a small, medium or a large enterprise. As these finance and accounting services outsourcing companies have better economies of scale as they specialized in t
hese services and have a no. of experts working on various projects.

Additionally, finance and accounts outsourcing services companies have other benefits as well such as they are adept at managing the risk and are very well aware about the nuances of the policies, regulations, and the risks involved and always maintain the service levels with 24 hours cloud service.

Mynd Solutions is a leading Finance and accounts outsourcing services organization with best in class services and solutions for finance and accounting management. To know more or for inquiry please get in touch with us at

Thursday, November 26, 2015


The most encouraging test before any association today is to lessen its human asset costs and enhance usage of its assets with a specific end goal to augment yields and benefits. HR management Outsourcing companies make the bespoke HR administration conveyance as the most imperative achievement element for any association. Human resource outsourcing companies like Mynd Solutions requires critical measure of investment and assets to execute human asset operations in-house. This may hamper fixation on other HR management companies that are more critical, be it bringing business into the association, conveying items, merchandise or benefits or conveying compelling client/customer correspondence. Human resource outsourcing services works when a business educates an outside supplier to assume liability (and danger) for HR works and perform these errands for the business.
Advantages to Human resource outsourcing companies include:
Reduces costs
Allows HR to be more focused and strategic
HR Management Outsourcing System
More expertise and services
Less burden on leaner staff
Streamlines HR functions
Limits risks borne by HR
Offers flexibility for HR
Human resource outsourcing system is a software solution for small to mid-sized businesses to help automate and manage their HR, payroll, management and accounting activities. A viable Human resource information system like Mynd Solutions gives data on pretty much anything the organisation needs to track and investigate about representatives, previous workers and candidates.
With a proper Human resource information system, human resources staff empowers workers to do their own particular advantages upgrades and address changes in this way, liberating HR management companies for more key responsibilities.

Human resource outsourcing companies’ formation is a key move for the association that liberates you and your group from non-centre exercises and helps you and your group to concentrate on the worth you produce for your clients. Human resource information system outsourcing incorporates all or parts of the accompanying and is perfectly customised to fit in a particular association. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Best Solution Partner for Accounts Payable Management

The estimation of Accounts payable outsourcing companies like Mynd Solutions has been demonstrated on numerous occasions at organizations from among all commercial enterprises and over the size range. Best-in-class ventures in accounts payable outsourcing services perceive the requirement for more prominent efficiencies, lower handling expenses and better perceivability and control in time delicate business forms in the accounts payable management

In today’s forefront rivalry where data is required on your fingertips, accounts payable management administration is a standout amongst the most basic undertakings for organizations. Absence of accounts payable outsourcing companies can influence your money sparing arrangements, merchant connections and expense your working capital which will result in general degrowth of the benefits. The choice of outsourcing records payable administrations can be of extraordinary help for your business in improving the working capital.

Organizations today are consistently being tested to lessen the expenses, separate the most esteem conceivable from their consumptions and meet complex administrative necessities. Mynd Solution’s creative and adaptable Accounts payable outsourcing services furbished clients with the capacity to change their records payable procedures into a computerized framework which is driven by business tenets, bringing about lowering down handling expenses and enhancing business insight. 

These administrations of accounts payable outsourcing services have been produced by Mynd Solution’s in light of its broad procedure expectation and profound comprehension of client’s needs and crosswise over commercial enterprises. Mix of numerous advances furnishes clients with payable records. Mynd Solution furnishes clients with imaginative and complete records of accounts payable management which are second to none inside the business.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Leading Payroll Management Solution Provider, Mynd Solutions

Payroll management, Mynd Solutions is the main worldwide finance administration supplier offering creative finance answers for businesses of all sizes – be it small, medium or expansive endeavours. Whether you require a vanilla finance preparing ability; or your prerequisite is that of incorporated, on-interest based finance administrations – Mynd solution payroll outsourcing management company has the capacity to furnish you with a completely agreeable oversaw administration alongside the vital innovation stages to suit your needs.

Our group of profoundly energetic finance processors of payroll processing management system put stock in conveying finance on time and with complete exactness, in this manner guaranteeing that your HR group can concentrate on centre HR issues.

Our system takes care of payroll outsourcing services requirements as we provide simple and convenient ways to pay salaries to the employees and file income tax returns in time. Through our payroll processing management system, one can save valuable time and resources and avoid mistakes
Outsourcing payroll management companies
Mynd's profound payroll management system is specific with information base which is a best-in-class innovation that guarantees exact and regularly scheduled finance administration of differed quality for our clients crosswise over industry verticals.

Mynd Solutions has incorporated conveyance focus in India which forms more than 1.8 Million pay slips each Year from payroll processing management system. We benefit various Indian and Universal customers where we convey completely agreeable payrolls through our unified conveyance focuses at payroll outsourcing services.

We have incredible worth for our association with our customers with whom we keep a nearby connection and accordingly our prosperity lies in giving fruitful administration advice and setups to our customers, with shared assent and cooperation in outsourcing payroll management system.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Experts in Business Process Offshore Solutions

Business and technology are in constant evolution. Until and unless we don’t have appropriate technological equipment’s to advertise our business process outsourcing services, it becomes indispensable for the people to have a fair idea about the upcoming business helping solutions firms. One needs to make smart moves in the global market to uplift their business practices.

BPO’s are a new hype in the global market amongst teenagers and the one stop business solutions to BPO services is Mynd Solution Company. Mynd Solutions is a leading firm of BPO management companies providing value-added services to the clients with proper strategic outcomes. The company provides infrastructure hosting, management and application services; project consulting and staff augmentation services with specialized skill sets, including payroll management, HR transaction services, commercial support, etc.

Business process outsourcing companies offer information technology services to support the back office functions of the undeserved middle-market enterprises and outsourcing services to Fortune 500 companies.

Business process outsourcing companies like Convergys, Capegemini are regular clients of Mynd solutions. Their main focus is towards making BPO organization’s more effective in adapting to the changes of the global market. Today the BPO management companies are a priority for the asset management firms which have to effectively manage growths; across global markets, professionally managed assets have grown because of growth in retail sector.

business process outsourcing services
Today, the world markets have matured to be highly industrious, process and segment specific, and there has been a major shift from the initial days of business process services that was relatively simpler. Customers of BPO management companies now expect business process service providers to deliver best-in-class operations, as well as the transformation needed in order to be the best in their respective industries.

At BPO management companies, they understand the changing scenarios of the needs of the customers, and their aim focuses on a combination of operational excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities. Their basic focus is to work with the people and help the business process outsourcing companies to achieve their business goals, and partner for next level of improvements in order to attain competitive advantage. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fixed Assets Management Made Easy

With great ease solve all your queries pertaining to Fixed Assets Management with the top Fixed Assets Management services from Mynd Solutions. We at Mynd Solutions, provide some of the best Fixed Assets outsourcing Management.

How Mynd Solutions provide some of the top fixed assets management services to its customers?
As part of our fixed assets management services we ensure to study the entire process of existing fixed asset management. Based on the results we then customize and design the setup to be implemented as part of our top fixed assets management services for our clients. Once it has been designed, it is then used for receiving, recording, and transferring of the assets.

fixed assets outsourcing management

With a team of experts, we provide end to end services and solutions for fixed asset life cycle solution provider. Our services include physical verification of fixed assets and reconciliation services, handling FARs in standard ERPs, Fixed Asset Capitalization, Multi-lingual pan India physical verification of fixed asset. At Mynd Solution, we take pride in owning separate teams for industry specific assets, usage of barcode and RFID technology and physical verification and reconciliation processes. As, there are a number of activities which goes into the back end and front end process of managing fixed assets for our clients.

Mynd Solutions is India’s top fixed assets management companies. We provide customized and industry specific solutions with both on-site and off-site solutions. Additionally, we offer our clients several unique differentiators under F&A services that set us apart from the rest.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Payroll Outsourcing Management Companies and Payroll Management

5 Questions to Ask Yourselves Before Choosing the Payroll Management System
Why is payroll management so important? How to prepare an accurate payroll? Should I use payroll outsourcing management services or should I go choose payroll processing management system? Every day, we ask ourselves such questions wherever payroll processing is concerned.

Before choosing a payroll outsourcing services or a payroll processing management system ask yourselves these questions. These questions will help you in understanding your requirement and will enable you take the right decision.

Q.1 What is it that you want a payroll processing management system to do?
A payroll management system should be able to calculate payroll as per the frequency set as per the payment methods set. It should calculate tax and make automatic deductions based on entries filed. Filing of taxation is of great importance because in case of default the organization can face severe penalties. It should also be able to generate reports associated with payroll processing.

Q. 2 What to expect from payroll outsourcing services?
Payroll services from a professional gives you a chance to take your mind off from non-core and labor intensive activities such as payroll management and channelize your energy on more important matters. Payroll outsourcing service providers offer dedicated and real time solutions for all your queries.

Q. 3 Benefits of payroll outsourcing services?
Outsourcing service providers offer a great deal of benefits such as dedicated work force, streamlined processes, accurate documents pertaining to TDS and other compliances, better turnaround time and quick resolution of queries and issues.

                 Payroll  management

Q. 4 Cost Benefit of both?
One has to compare the cost involved in purchasing a payroll processing system or for incurring payroll outsourcing management companies. Cost involved in payroll processing system will be in terms of Infrastructure set up cost, cost of maintaining a team and cost of purchasing the software.
However, the outsourcing service provider already has an existing infrastructure setup, with manpower and required software's etc.
The management has to decide which cost is less and which has more benefits attached to it at the given cost.

Q. 5 What suits your requirements more closely?
Based on the requirements, management has to decide which options offers more benefits as both options has its own merits and demerits.
Answers to these five questions will enable you to decide what is closely related to your requirements and what will be beneficial for your organizations.

Forget worrying about payroll management and focus only on the productive activities of your business. Now, prepare a payroll that is error free and 100% accurate with best payroll processing management system.  Mynd Solutions is a leading payroll outsourcing services provider for effective and accurate payroll management

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Select the Best Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services

Finance and accounting management is one of the most time consuming tasks in any organization. Managing finance and accounting management successfully takes a lot of time which can be utilized at the same time other productive activities in the business.  

Hire the best finance and accounting outsourcing services or outsourcing accounting services and grow your business leaps and bounds with focused attention to your core operations. But hiring outsourcing accounting services involves a lot of planning and understanding before finalizing outsourcing accounting services.

However, there are some quick tips as to how you can select the best finance and accounting outsourcing services

1.       Quality of Resource
An organization should hire outsourcing accounting services for finance and accounting management if they feel that by hiring the will get the work completed at a better pace and more efficiently. Additionally, outsourcing accounting services should be hired after considering whether or not the outsourcing company will bring on board better technology and the right talent pool for getting the task completed.

2.       Capability
The capability in terms of finance and accounting outsourcing services of the provider must be thoroughly checked that is whether or not the service provider can fully cater to your needs and has the right expertise to handle your business requirements. 

finance and accounting outsourcing services

3.     Cost Benefit

Benefit in terms of cost is one of the biggest drivers for an organization to seek finance and accounting outsourcing services. Therefore, the business must calculate the cost of hiring its own team for finance and accounting management or to hire outsourcing accounting services.

4.       Scale of Operations
The scale of operations of the finance and accounting outsourcing service provider does not matter. However, there is a possibility that a bigger organization will have higher overheads thus resulting in higher cost for the business hiring it. But, it is not necessarily true for all big outsourcing accounting services provider.

5.       SLA of Operations
Hiring outsourcing accounting services for finance and accounting management is beneficial if the tasks are being carried out at shorter SLAs. Maintaining shorter SLAs is not everything accuracy in tasks carried out is of equal importance.

6.       Credentials
The credentials of the outsourcing accounting services provider must be looked into, this will give a fair idea as to what type of clients has been handled by the service provider in the past.

Mynd Solutions is India’s leading finance and accounting outsourcing services for finance and accounting management. We provide customized and industry specific solutions with both on-site and off-site solutions. Additionally, we offer our clients several unique differentiators under F&A services that set us apart from the rest.
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Compliance News @Mynd: Telangana minimum wages w.e.f 1st October 2015 to 31st March 2016

Please find enclosed Telangana minimum wages for the period 01.10.2015  to March 31, 2016.

PFB the revised Minimum Wages

Previous Wages
Revised Wages (1.10.2015 to 31.3.2016)

DA  Points 1169

DA  Points 1185


Peon/Attender/ Watchman/ Water Boy/ Helper/ Messenger

Weighman/ Kolgari/ Computer Operator
Semi Skilled

Clerk/ Typist/Clerk-cum-Typist/ Godown Incharge/Lineman/ Assistant Salesman/ Asst.Accountant/ Xerox Machine Operator

Salesman, Stenographer,Receptionist,Auction Bider, Type Writer Instructor, Electrician, Radio Mechanic, Optical Mechanic, Surfacer, Grinder, Photographer, Photo Artist, Typewriter, Mechanic, T.V.Mechanic, Fitter, Turner, Welder and Plumber, Mason etc.
Highly Skilled

Accountant/ Asst.Manager/ Sales Executive/ Supervisor/ Purchaser/ Store Keeper/ Agent/ Sales Promotion Employees

Manager/ Field Officer/ Development Officer/ Office Incharge/ Computer Programmer