Monday, November 28, 2016

Mynd Solutions: Your gateway to a perfect finance and accounting outsourcing management

Finance and Accounts Management plays a very vital role in the successful management of every business. The accounting department typically monitors the money that comes in and the money that goes out very closely by documenting transactions, evaluating transaction patterns and handling things like payroll and taxes. Overall, the health and efficiency of a business are regulated by the accounting department, along with an increase in profitability. Money is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about business. Having the knowledge about accountability is a basic necessity for every business. Because let’s be clear, the means and ends of for-profit entities is to keep earning money.

Mynd Solutions is among the leading service providers in business process and technology management. It is also among the rare service providers that offer a wide range of services regarding Finance and Accounts outsourcing including:

·      Accounts Payable: - money that an organisation owes to its clients
·      Accounts Receivable: - money owed to an organisation by its debtors
·      Reconciliation: - the harmonization of financial accounts and the process to keep them consistent
·      Fixed assets Verification & Capitalisation: - keeping tab of all the assets in hand
·      Business Entity Incorporation and Setup: - because establishing yourself in the market is very important
·      Book Keeping & GL Accounting: -to facilitate your business and help you accomplish your goals
·      Statutory Filings & Compliances: - to help you maintain the brand reputation and profitability
·      Commercial Support: - the backbone of your organisation-- PR, PO, Order Fulfilment and Order Management

With the highly experienced and focused management team, Mynd is your end-to-end solution to finance and accounting outsourcing management needs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mynd Solutions: Your Best Human Resource Outsourcing Management Solution Providers

Human Resource Outsourcing

Mynd Solutions, a budding business process management service provider, that delivers exceptional services in the domain of business process and technology management is known to be one of the best Human resource outsourcing companies. They have an award winning human resource management system. Its key modules handle all aspects of human resource needs from recruitment to retirement.  With a promising track record of serving over 3000 clients across industries, they provide a spectrum of services under the human resource services. Their HR information system takes care of the entire recruitment process from recruitment requests to job postings, candidate selections, assessment, and generating offer letters. The system can automate your entire leave and attendance policy.

It allows employees to apply or process leave applications and gives supervisors and HR
close view of attendance trends.

At Mynd Solutions, they understand that it takes a significant amount of time and resources to execute human resource operations in-house and that might hamper with the productivity and quality of the organization.

Hence, hiring HR management companies reduces costs and optimizes utilization of its resources in order to maximize outputs and profits. HR management helps in building and managing an organization. It helps in hiring and training the workforce, it takes care of the Performance Management System, also helps in building culture and values in the organization, alongside it is responsible for developing good relations and manage conflicts.

So, if you are considering opting for Human Resource Outsourcing, you can rely on Mynd Solutions to enhance your efficiency and decrease your costs

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Payroll Management System

Without the proper knowledge access to a sound payroll program, it’s easy to make mistakes. To avoid monetary penalties and to ease your mind, having a payroll management system to guide you around is a must.

Payroll outsourcing services refers to an allocation of some specific business processes to an expert. With these services you get many benefits such as:
·      cost reduction
·      focus on strategic tasks and business decisions
·      better efficiency and accuracy
·      confidentiality of payroll data maintained

Mynd Solutions offers payroll management at your fingertips and is a perfect and simplified solution for all your payroll related needs. Based in Singapore, the company leverages its strategic location to serve EMEA, APAC, and American markets. With a team of 1000+ employees who have domain expertise in specific segments and offer outsourcing services for Finance and Accounting, Human Resource, Customer relationship and Consulting. Mynd Solution has partners network in more than 60 countries and addresses client requirements in India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, France, Africa, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and several other countries.

Awarded as the “Best Professional Service Business of the Year 2011” by Franchise India and Zee Business, Mynd Solution ensures 100% service efficiency during all client interactions. Mynd Solution has been serving for over a decade and has been awarded as the fastest growing Technology Company under Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Programme 2014.

Mynd Solution is the ultimate answer to all your payroll related questions. Their payroll management system provides a secure payroll management technology, high level of service support and training, real-time reporting, multi-lingual service, compliance management service and a lot more!

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Payroll processing management system

Professional payroll management services ensure timely and accurate delivery of payrolls to employees. This allows your HR team to focus on core HR issues instead of getting entangled in payroll issues. Mynd Solutions is a leading global payroll management service provider and offers innovative payroll solutions.  Whether it’s a small, medium or large enterprise; Mynd Solutions offers payroll solutions to employers of all organizations. The company provides fully managed service along with essential technology platforms to suit your needs of integrated or on-demand SaaS based payroll services.

With global offices in Singapore and UAE, Mynd Solutions addresses client requirements in 16+ African countries, US, Middle East, APAC & European countries. The company with its highly specialized and expansive knowledge base accompanied with the best in class technology ensures precise monthly payroll management of varied complexity across diverse industry verticals. Through their centralized delivery centre they provide service to numerous Indian & International clients. Mynd has a centralized delivery centre in India which processes over 1.8 Million pay slips every year.

Clients and their employees have access to real-time data through sources such as a personalize website and one-on-one personal assistance. Their completely automated and transparent services with monitoring and performance measurement ensure a high level of satisfaction among employees.
With a payroll processing management system, you have access to a complete payroll management solution with real-time reporting, compliances management solutions, SaaS platform for Employee Self Service (ESS) /MSS/HRSS, and localization with high levels of service, support and training. So rely on Mynd Solutions as your dedicated partner for the best and committed Payroll outsourcing services.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Accounting and bookkeeping services
Generally small to medium sized businesses as well as newly formed companies don’t have the time and resources for full range accounting and bookkeeping. They also aren’t much updated with dynamic and complex taxation and corporate laws. This results in a lot of hassles when it comes to efficiently managing accounts and bookkeeping.
In such case, outsourcing of complete bookkeeping and accounting operations makes for an ideal option. Mynd Solutions, a leading global business service provider, offers complete accounting and bookkeeping services that comprise a line-up of transactional and controllership functions for F&A services across multiple industry verticals. The company’s bookkeeping and gl accounting services provide the advantage of  experts in a shared services model, thereby enabling companies of any scale to accomplish their core business goals with minimum cost involvement. Mynd offers a wide range of Book keeping & Accounting services. The company adopts industry best practices and automated processes in serving its clients.
Mynd Solutions delivers accounting services through a blend of onsite and offsite Models. The onsite teams are set at the client’s office to execute the frontend accounting tasks while the backend support & reporting functions are delivered by their central facility in India. In the other model all accounting function of clients are carried out through an offsite model and all processing is completed at the company’s premises. Thus by handing over the process of accounting and bookkeeping services to Mynd Solutions you can be assured that you will receive quality service and can maintain all focus on the core goals of your business

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mynd Solution’s Advantageous HR Outsourcing Solutions

Human Resource Information System

Mynd Solutions is a Business Process Management service provider which delivers exceptional services in the field of business operations and related technologies. It offers services in sectors of Finance and Accounting, HR Outsourcing, Information Technology and Consulting. The approach that it puts forward involves understanding the value that it adds to a particular company in the front end results such as customer satisfaction, retention, revenue generation and profitability.
A particular wing that Mynd Solutions takes care of is the human resource outsourcing management section. Like other human resource outsourcing companies, Mynd Solution deals with reducing the human resource cost and helps in refining the application of the products and resources. This later leads in bringing out more and more of output. This human resource information system of Mynd Solutions is a very efficient and systematic one. It has various subdivisions under itself, which are as follows:-
1.     Payroll Management
2.     Statutory Compliances
3.     Human Resource Information System
4.     HR Transaction Services
5.     Recruitment Process Outsourcing
6.     Contractual Staffing  
Mynd Solutions is one out of the various other Human Resource Outsourcing Management Companies, which has qualified and trained professionals who take care in providing personal and impressionable services to their clients and both the employer and the employees work towards improving efficiencies and saving HR costs.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mynd’s unbelievably authentic Payroll outsourcing management system

Payroll outsourcing management system

Mynd Solution is one of the leading and superlative payroll management outsourcing companies today. At Mynd, we provide ingenious payroll solutions to all our clients whether it is a small or medium or a large scale enterprise. We entertain employers of all sizes. Whether you require a vanilla payroll processing capability or you need an integrated SaaS based payroll service, we would provide you the necessary service which is tailored to suit all your specific requirements.

Mynd provides you with a thoroughly obedient and well managed service accompanied with the fundamental technology scaffold to meet your demands. At Mynd, we consist of a team of extremely galvanized payroll experts who take a firm belief in delivering payroll services within the given time-span and with utmost accuracy. Our experts make sure that your Human Resource team can concentrate on other thrust HR issues and trust the payroll management with us.

Payroll outsourcing management system at Mynd Solution continues to be its area of expertise, whether it is a local or managed service, either multi-country or global. Our extremely specialised and extensive knowledge abode followed by the best and the trendiest technology assures accurate monthly payroll management of diversified intricacies for all our clients across industry horizons.
Our clients and their various employees have approach to all the real-time data through an exemplified website and one-to-one personal support. Our entirely computerized, culpable and clear Help Desk Services with scanning and measuring performance ensures utmost satisfaction among the employees.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Expert Outsourcing Payroll Management Services by Mynd Solutions

Payroll Processing Management

At Mynd Solution, our field of expertise lies in payroll processing management system. We are one of the leading payroll management outsourcing companies in India. We provide our clients with the best in class services wherein we offer payroll solutions to all kinds of business houses be it small, medium or large.

We provide you with a wide range of payroll management services for example an integrated SaaS based payroll processing management system which is fully complaint of the necessary technological platform to suit your specific needs. Our team of expert payroll process make sure that the payroll is delivered to your employees on time thereby making it convenient for your HR team to focus on other relevant HR issues leaving the payroll management to us.

At Mynd, we have a centralized payroll processing management system delivery centre in India which operates well above 1.8 million pay slips per year. We possess highly technical and specialized knowledge base along with top technology ensuring accuracy in the monthly Payroll management of our diverse customers from varied industries. We provide our services to both our national and international clients through our centralized delivery system. We provide a real-time data access to our clients and their employees through a personalized website and attentive personal help.

Our payroll processing management system comes with various advantages like we provide a secured internet based payroll management technology, high level of service support and training, real-time reporting, multi-lingual service wherever required, compliance management solutions and many more.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Mynd Solutions Delivering Top Fixed Assets Management Services

Fixed Assets Management Services
Mynd Solution, provid Top Fixed AssetsManagement Services all over India and abroad, and helps clients in managing their fixed assets and provides assistance in capitalization as a comprehensive service provider housing extensive fields of capitalization, lifecycle management and physical verification and tagging and process setup. We are experts at settling best practices for Fixed Assets Management by setting up quantitative control on fixed assets. We have helped in capitalizing fixed assets of various companies, be it a small scale unit or a million dollar organization having a wide spread area spread across variant geographical boundaries.
We offer a SaaS Model solution for Fixed Asset Management for our client’s company. We have a team of experts who have trained their teams to provide our clients with numerous Fixed Assets Management Services across the entire world and today we have entirely emerged as a comprehensive Fixed Asset Management Service Provider. Over all these years, we have begun to specialise in providing solutions for physical verification of fixed assets like bar coding or likewise, reconciliation of physical results with fixed assets registers and provide solutions for the diagnosed gaps, creating a database of fixed assets from multiple authorities in the organization, tracking the life cycle of the fixed asset and so on.
Our customers are benefited by movement and proper disposal of their fixed assets with our Top Fixed Assets Management Services and avoid unnecessary purchases, paying accurate insurance premiums, divulging improper capitalization, maintaining accurate records of fixed assets with their present working condition, etc. It is time for you to enrol your company with us for us to take full charge of your fixed assets and help you in managing them better so that you could save up on your costs extensively.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mynd’s Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Account receivable companies

Mynd Solutions, a account receivable companies in Bangalore and a global service provider in business processes such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Outsourcing, Information Technology and Consultation. Mynd Solutions approach puts forward the idea of revenue generation and profitability along with customer satisfaction and retention. It has managed to create a special position in the market through customized services which are specifically made for specific need of business houses and industries. Our services aim at suiting the customer’s explicit needs around the world.
At Mynd, we understand that apart from making payments smoothly and accurately, it is necessary to measure the satisfaction of the suppliers by making the process of handing invoices easier. It handles a well managed accounts payable outsourcing in mind, our accounts payable outsourcing strikes a balance between process optimization and supplier satisfaction. Our work accelerates the realization of business value from technology. 
Mynd is one of the best Accounts payable companies and accounts receivable companies in Bangalore. Mynd’s accounts receivable services helps companies in improving their cash flows and collection processes. An effective Order-to-Cash cycle is maintained. Our company helps the business houses in cash collections without harming their relationships with their clients. It provides a very comprehensive process to business houses in enabling them to provide a bunch of services to their clients or market a new project with a portion of processes, business units and locations.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Top of the Line Finance and Accounts Outsourcing Services

Financeand Accounts Management service

Get the best of Finance and Accounts Management service for your business from an organization, which in a short span of time has a served more than 3000 happy clients, Mynd Solutions.
Mynd Solutions with its excellent Finance and Accounts Outsourcing services believes in achieving the bottom line for all its clients with its best of the best executives and industry practices. As part of their Finance and Accounting Management package, Mynd offers the following services managing accounts payable, accounts receivables, reconciliation of accounts, capitalization and verification of fixed assets, entity incorporation and setup, book keeping & GL accounting, statutory fillings and compliances and complete commercial support.
Mynd Solutions is one of the prominent names in the industry for providing Finance and Accounting Management services. Mynd Solutions incorporated in 2002 in India and today, they have a global presence in US, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Along with that they have a strong global partner network, which allows them to reach over 60 additional countries. It is a leading service provider and deals in an array of business processes in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, consulting and audits etc.
Within a short span of time it has successfully created a name for itself both in MSME and large scale corporations. Mynd Solutions is a customer centric organization and ensures guaranteed customer satisfaction. It specializes in delivering tailor made solutions for all its clients.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Specialized Fixed Assets Management Services

Fixed Assets Management Services
Is it the right time to hire the top fixed assets management services? How should the management of the organization know that whether or not is it the right time to hire specialized services for fixed assets management services.
Hire fixed assets management servicesonly when cost of managing fixed asset management in house is higher in comparison to outsourcing the service that is, when it involves you both cost of hiring and training staff to carry out fixed asset management. Hire the service when it is not a core activity for your business and costs you, your precious time, which you can utilize to plan and execute your core business better and in expanding your business horizon as well.
Hire the specialized top fixed asset management service and benefitted with economies of scale of the service provider. Also the service provider will not just provide solutions for fixed asset management, but will also provide a host of other services.  
Mynd Solutions is one of the top fixed assets management services provider with more than 3000 happy and satisfied customers from varied industrial backgrounds. Mynd Solutions has operations in India and also has a strong foothold in another 60 plus countries through associates. The organization is an exceptional business process management company and offers a range of finance and accounting, human resource management and customer management services and solutions along with audit and compliance.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 Tips to Hiring the Right Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll processing management system is required by each and every organization, no matter what is the size of the business organization - small, medium or large. However, payroll management is an important aspect of the business and cannot be handed over to anyone just like that. One has to have either experience of handling payroll service of the same industry or of similar or related industries.

1.      Understand your existing payroll processing management system
It is important that the management of an organization must understand their own basic requirement of payroll services.

2.      Tasks involved in payroll management
Once you have a fair idea about your payroll service requirements, you can compile a list of activites that a service provider has to fulfill. These activities will be payroll and tax calculation, reporting, compliances etc.

3.      Compare the cost involved
Before hiring a payroll service provider understand the costs involved in outsourcing services and comparing them with hiring a team in house.

4.      Inquire about payroll outsourcing services
Inquire about payroll services from 3 to 4 service providers and take price quotes.

5.      Compare services and cost of various service providers
Compare the quotes of each payroll management service provider against the list of services offered by them, their past experience, types of clients handled, customer reviews and ratings etc.
Mynd Solutions is one of the leading payroll processing management system company in India and across 60 other countries through associate partners. With over 3000 satisfied customers from across industries has a strong foothold in an array of business processes in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, consulting and audits, etc. 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Best Practices Fixed Assets Management Services Team Must Ensure

Fixed assets management services

In order to offer the top fixed assets management services, we must follow certain best practices as part of our basket of services. Out of those best practices we have listed down 5 of them.

1.       Proper Documentation of assets for fixed assets management services. It will include policies and procedures in writing for the acquisition and disposal of assets. Documentation must be supported by authorized vouchers.

2.       Classification of assets is done once the documentation is complete. Each asset must be clearly marked and tagged with unique identification for each department or vertical.

3.       Complete physical verification of assets is required at the time of fixed asset management to ensure all assets are physically mapped and marked against their respective heads in the books of accounts.

4.       Reporting of fixed assets will be done only after the physical counting of the fixed assets in the field is complete and they are then cross checked with their respective entries in the books of accounts.

5.       The team conducting the Physical counting and mapping of fixed assets in the books of accounts should be separate from the team who are the custodians of those fixed assets.
Mynd Solutions is one of the top fixed assets management services provider in India and across 60 other countries through associate partners. With over 3000 satisfied customers from across industries has a strong foothold in an array of business processes in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, consulting and audits, etc.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Choose the Right Amongst the Various HR Management Companies

Human resource outsourcing companies
Engage the services of the right human resource outsourcing companies for your business to ensure the proper functioning of all departments. As the Human Resource is becoming an important aspect of the business with ever evolving roles and the way employees seek information. It is indeed important that employee engagement is handled with utmost care. Additionally, engaging employees the right way is even more important as today the industries and business organizations are marred with the high attrition rates as well.
Thus, with an increasing number of human resource outsourcing companies in the arena, how can one decide about choosing the right human resource information system to partner with.
Tips that help you shortlist the right HR management companies for your business
1.     Expertise
2.     End to End Solutions
3.     Package of services
4.     Reduce cost
5.     Maximize Productivity
With an impressive background of serving more than 3000 clients across industries we provide a gamut of services under the human resource services. At Mynd Solutions, we help you save costs drastically with our technologically advanced human resource information system, specialized operations and with a pool of highly qualified personnel.
With operations across more than 60 countries, Mynd Solutions is a leading service provider and deals in an array of business processes in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, consulting and audits, etc.
Touch base with us for competent handling and human resource information system management or know more at