Monday, November 28, 2016

Mynd Solutions: Your gateway to a perfect finance and accounting outsourcing management

Finance and Accounts Management plays a very vital role in the successful management of every business. The accounting department typically monitors the money that comes in and the money that goes out very closely by documenting transactions, evaluating transaction patterns and handling things like payroll and taxes. Overall, the health and efficiency of a business are regulated by the accounting department, along with an increase in profitability. Money is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about business. Having the knowledge about accountability is a basic necessity for every business. Because let’s be clear, the means and ends of for-profit entities is to keep earning money.

Mynd Solutions is among the leading service providers in business process and technology management. It is also among the rare service providers that offer a wide range of services regarding Finance and Accounts outsourcing including:

·      Accounts Payable: - money that an organisation owes to its clients
·      Accounts Receivable: - money owed to an organisation by its debtors
·      Reconciliation: - the harmonization of financial accounts and the process to keep them consistent
·      Fixed assets Verification & Capitalisation: - keeping tab of all the assets in hand
·      Business Entity Incorporation and Setup: - because establishing yourself in the market is very important
·      Book Keeping & GL Accounting: -to facilitate your business and help you accomplish your goals
·      Statutory Filings & Compliances: - to help you maintain the brand reputation and profitability
·      Commercial Support: - the backbone of your organisation-- PR, PO, Order Fulfilment and Order Management

With the highly experienced and focused management team, Mynd is your end-to-end solution to finance and accounting outsourcing management needs.

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