Monday, February 29, 2016

Experience The Best Finance and Accounts Outsourcing Services

Tired of handling your finance and accounting management?

It’s time to upgrade your finance and accounting management with the right solutions for your everyday queries. Hire the right finance and accounts management services and relieve yourself from the extra added burden.

finance and accounting management

With rich experience in providing finance and accounts management, Mynd Solutions offers highly integrated finance and accounts outsourcing services. We provide solutions with an aim to optimize resources and achieve financial goals of our goals.

Additionally, we always ensure that along with meeting the requirement of finance and accounts management and the financial goals, compliances related to taxes are 100% met, without any penalties to our clients. With continuous improvement in our services we aim to add value to our services for our esteemed clients.

We believe that with the right strategy of finance and accounting management our client’s business growth is in the right direction and help reduce a major chunk of their cost. We Offer a balance of both on site and off site services, with highly managed SLAs to ensure faster turnaround time.

A leading & global service provider in the arena of finance and accounts outsourcing services, human resource outsourcing, customer relationship management along with audit and consulting services for various business processes. With a strong presence in more than 60 countries we have a large number of satisfied clients from different industry verticals.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hire the Right Payroll Outsourcing Services

Are you confused between payroll processing management system in house or to hire payroll outsourcing services. This is indeed a very important decision that the management of the company has to take, as it involves a lot of cost, which is not just monetary includes time and opportunity cost as well.

Payroll processing management system
Before, taking this decision we all have to understand that not every organization are adept at handling and completing all types of work processes. Some may have excelled in financial processes, some in Human resource, in design or in manufacturing.
Whatever be the process, they have excelled in payroll management is an important aspect of each business. Since in each business  proper payroll processing management system of the employee’s salary must be maintained, either in house or by the payroll outsourcing services provider.
Few things one must consider before outsourcing their payroll processing management system
1.     Risk Associated
2.     Cost Efficiency
3.     Past Experience
4.     Turnaround Time
5.     Talent pool
With years of experience, Mynd Solutions offers the best payroll management and payroll processing management system services to all its clients and both in India and abroad. We provide special tailor made services for all our clients and ensure 100% service efficiency during all interactions with our customers. Today after a decade, Mynd Solution can proudly say that we have clients in across industries.